Avoiding Malware and Virus infection from Free Utilities.

Avoiding Malware and Virus infection from Free Utilities.

We've all been there, a colleague sends you an attachment and your computer is unable to open it, a family friend sends you a video disc or usb key and it wont play or a website refuses to open because you don't have the latest version of 'Java'.

What next? what you shouldn't do is start googling for a 'free' program to complete the task, on the internet there are two kinds of free programs, ones that give you a virus and ones that hijack your web browser and sell your details to the highest bidder, generating untold amounts of unwanted pop-ups.

If you're a bit technical you could search for 'open source' software, this is software that has been created by a community of people who are genuinely interested into making something useful and for no other reason that it is fun to do! so instead of googling 'Free image editer' try 'open source image editor'.

Better yet, why not download all the best payment free programs and utilities from one trusted and junk free enviroment? that is where http://www.ninite.com comes in. At Ninite you are provided with a simple list of programs, all vetted, free and clean of malware / spyware and virus infection, just tick the ones you want and then hit download, run the download and it will automattically install all the chosen programs and updates, keep that download handy as if you need to update your programs, running it at a later date will update all of them with no fuss and no confusing dialogue boxes.

Check out http://www.ninite.com but if you still can't find the program you need just contact us and we can help you by email or with a quick remote support session.

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