BT Yahoo or Hotmail Account Hacked?

BT Yahoo or Hotmail Account Hacked?

If your BT, Yahoo or Hotmail Account has been hacked let us help you.

We have seen a huge increase in clients contacting us due to hacked email accounts. It's rather embarrassing when friends and clients on your online contact list start receiving emails from you (apparently stuck in a prison cell in Dubai) trying to convince them to click a strange link, with you being powerless to stop these emails from going out.

The support from the providers of these email accounts seems to be very much lacking, so it can be very difficult to wrestle back control of your own account.

If you have been the victim of an account hack and need help getting back on your feet give us a call to help you. We can work together to get your account back under your control, and then secure it from future hacks and perform a full checkup of your PC to ensure it hasn't also been compromised.

To proactively protect yourself from this occurring your should make sure you have a very secure password (words and numbers just won't do!) the more random it is and the longer the better, for example: '434jrEHyh85h$!' would be considered secure where 'westham1' or 'kittens123' is most definitely not.

Also be very aware of help lines found on Google / Search Engines proclaiming to be from the various providers, the majority of these are not at all affiliated with them and interested in only one thing: convincing you your computer (not just your email account) has been hacked and charging extortionate fee's to 'clean it up'.

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