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Isn't superfast internet fantastic? It is when configured in your Business or Home by one of our experienced wireless network and data cabling experts, we can retrofit excellent Wireless and wired connectivity into large homes or offices, upgrading and installing high speed CAT6 cable where needed and then configure reliable whole building distribution of high speed internet using best in class unified wireless access points, firewalls, routers and gigabit network switching. We’ll make your home or office network super-fast, secure and reliable, a great WiFi signal, high-speed network connectivity, anywhere and everywhere you need it.

We are WiFi IT support veterans having deployed hundreds of perfect wireless network connections to many Businesses and Homes across Surrey and London. Our secure and strong WiFi signals can be detected in Weybridge, Kingston, Guildford and other locations from the many Homes and Businesses who are benefiting from our Wireless Networks. We are the Business you need to troubleshoot and resolve those annoying Internet, Network and WiFi issues that you’ve probably tolerated for far too long.

We regularly help Homeowners and Business IT clients overcome wireless signal issues, ongoing broadband problems, and other network gremlins, being bounced around by BT? we can help solve your Broadband issues. Network problems and poor signal cause so much frustration, why have 80-300Mbit broadband only to get a super slow, laggy connection in the meeting room, canteen, Annex or Garden? Micro Pro can solve this IT networking issue after one visit. Fast Downloads, Low latency gaming all thanks to our Wireless Solution.

We are not just wireless wizards, where needed our experts can install state of the art, high speed, extremely reliable category 6A cabled data networks. We can upgrade networks in the Home or Office with no existing data cable and poor Wireless signal with minimal disruption, running cable externally or internally as needed. Fast wireless and data cable perfect for all your IT networking connectivity needs whether for Business or Homes with a Server, Computer, Smart TV, Gaming PC, CCTV or network backup NAS device.

Call us to distribute a perfect Wired or Wireless Network at your Home or Office. Based in Weybridge our Wireless and Network experts cover a huge area and look after many Home Wireless and Business networks in Woking, Kingston, Guildford, London and the South East.

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